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“The editors at CookieLynn really make my stories shine! They don’t try to change my writing style, characters, or plot—they help me find ways I can improve those essential elements. The first book I used CookieLynn for on both content and line went on to be accepted into a box set that hit the USA Today bestseller list. I made back every penny I spent on editing—and turned a profit—within the first week of the book’s release. I totally attribute that success to CookieLynn!”

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lindzee Armstrong

At this point, I have gotten so superstitious about Cassie Mae proofreading and formatting my English Brothers novels, I would rather delay publication than turn my work over to someone else. An added bonus of working with Cassie? Her delightful (and hilarious!) margin comments as she edits. It’s like having a perfect beta reader on a read-along and I savor her outtakes!

NYT Bestselling Author, Katy Regnery

I love working with CookieLynn! Fast and professional, they caught a lot of things during copy editing that I didn’t, and worked with me to make my manuscript really shine. They also took care of formatting for my book, which was a huge weight off my non-techy shoulders. Whenever people ask me for copy editing or formatting help, I refer them to CookieLynn.

USA Today Bestselling author, Cindi Madsen