Editorial Services

Our editorial services are charged by word count. Please allow two weeks upon delivery of manuscript for us to go over your work.

All edits are $50.00 per 10k words

A Content Edit includes overall notes on plot, characterization, and storytelling. A content editorial letter will be delivered with the edited manuscript.

A Line Edit will cover style issues such as word choice (misused or overused words), smoothing out awkward sentences, finding passive sentences, and improving clarity and flow. It will include an editorial letter and a style sheet.

A Copy Edit includes checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling and will also include looking for typos and echoes. A style sheet will be delivered with the edited manuscript.

If you’re not sure what type of edit you might need, please contact us at edits@cookielynnpub.com, and we will help you figure it out. There is also an option of a sample edit, which we provide for free to new clients.

$50.00 deposit is required upon booking. The remaining cost must be paid upon delivery of manuscript to the editor. Delay of payment could mean delay of service. 

Please check our availability calendar to make sure our time frame works with yours! We look forward to working with you!

Calendar for KELLEY LYNN: developmental edits (Green means open dates)

Calendar for CANDICE: developmental edits (Green means open dates)

Calendar for SUZI: line/copy edits (Green means open dates)

Calendar for CASSIE: any edit (Green means open dates)

Calendar for JOLENE: copy edits (Green means open dates)

Please use our contact page to book an edit with us, or simply visit our editor page and email the editor you’d like to work with.


CookieLynn always delivers a stellar edit. The sentence-level edits are clear and concise, and the big-picture character arc and motivation notes are always insightful. If you are looking for an edit that will make your manuscript shine, you can’t go wrong with CookieLynn.

~ NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Melanie Shawn