NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Melanie Shawn

“CookieLynn always delivers a stellar edit. The sentence-level edits are clear and concise, and the big-picture character arc and motivation notes are always insightful. If you are looking for an edit that will make your manuscript shine, you can’t go wrong with CookieLynn.”

Lorna Phillipy

“I was so impressed with my experience with CookieLynn in editing the content of my book. The communication was excellent and immediate. Kelley was very thorough and helped me see some of the problem areas as well as pointing out the positive aspects of the manuscript. I know that through following her advice, my book will be better than ever. Thank you CookieLynn!”

USA Today Bestselling author Cindi Madsen

“I love working with CookieLynn! Fast and professional, they caught a lot of things during copy editing that I didn’t, and worked with me to make my manuscript really shine. They also took care of formatting for my book, which was a huge weight off my non-techy shoulders. Whenever people ask me for copy editing or formatting help, I refer them to CookieLynn.”



USA Today Bestselling Author, Lindzee Armstrong

“The editors at CookieLynn really make my stories shine! They don’t try to change my writing style, characters, or plot—they help me find ways I can improve those essential elements. The first book I used CookieLynn for on both content and line went on to be accepted into a box set that hit the USA Today bestseller list. I made back every penny I spent on editing—and turned a profit—within the first week of the book’s release. I totally attribute that success to CookieLynn!”


Theresa Paolo

“Cassie Mae is not only professional and extremely knowledgeable, she is also passionate about making your book the absolute best it can be. There is nobody I trust more with helping me bring my books from draft to publication.”

Rachel Schieffelbein

“I loved working with CookieLynn! They were professional and fun to work with, but most importantly they are talented and creative. They helped me create a beautiful final product. I look forward to working with them again.”

Didi Lawson

“I contacted CookieLynn upon a recommendation from another author. The result was awesome. Not only did Kelley tighten up the story, she also gave me suggestions how to make it better. It was amazing. Thank you, Kelley. I will definitely recommend you to my writer friends.”

Michelle Bolanger

“My last manuscript, “The Light” has been a difficult 2-year journey for a lot of reasons, and I nearly gave up on the story completely. When I submitted it to Kelley, I wasn’t sure it was salvageable. Her editorial letter began with an encouragement that breathed life back into my love for the story, but she also pulled no punches when it came to pointing out where things needed improved. An editor’s job is to point out the flaws. Being critiqued and/or corrected is not easy. A good editor will make it less painful. A GREAT editor will make you look forward to it. But to be able to do it in such a way that the author craves their input, is a rare gift. Every one of these ladies has that gift. I have worked with two of CookieLynn’s Developmental Editors, one of their Copy Editors, and their Formatter on all four of my manuscripts. All of them are skilled, knowledgeable, and approachable. If you are looking for any of these services, I simply cannot recommend these amazing women highly enough.”

Neils Knudsen

“From the moment I began writing book two of my trilogy, “Call of the Empire,’ I knew I would need an editor with a strong and critical eye to clean it up. Since the editor of my first award winning book was not available I had to find someone who was just as thorough. The search ended with Kelley Gerschke. She has a keen eye and worked to understand a genre she enjoyed reading, but had not done much in the way of editing. Fresh eyes and fresh ideas with a firm guiding hand is just what I needed. That isn’t to say she wasn’t tough on me. Grit and honesty is what I wanted. That’s what I got. Thanks Kelley.”

Theresa Kay

“Cassie did a beautiful job formatting my Broken Skies series. She’s responsive, efficient, and great at dealing with odd or last minute requests.”



Caryn Larrinaga

“I can’t say enough good things about CookieLynn Publishing. I’ve worked with them on two novels and a collection of short stories (so far!), and their insightful feedback, thorough edits and margin notes, and detailed editorial letters and style guides have helped me take everything I’ve published from good to great. Every recommendation has been on point, and they truly make me feel like I have a partner in the otherwise often solitary journey of writing a book. Call me an addict, but I’ll never publish anything again without running it through the fantastic team at CookieLynn first.”

NYT Bestselling Author, Katy Regnery

“At this point, I have gotten so superstitious about Cassie Mae formatting my English Brothers novels, I would rather delay publication than turn my work over to someone else. An added bonus of working with Cassie? Her delightful (and hilarious!) margin comments as she edits. It’s like having a perfect beta reader on a read-along and I savor her outtakes!”



“I’ve been using CookieLynn Publishing for all of my editing needs for the past two years and couldn’t be happier. Both Kelley and Suzi are phenomenal editors. Not only that, they are flexible and patient with me when my schedule goes all awry. I would highly recommend their services.”

~ Author Kimberly Loth

Nicole James

“I have been working with CookieLynn Publishing Services since 2015 and have been extremely pleased! I love working with Cassie Mae. She is fabulous and lovely to work with. She does all my editing and formatting. I can always trust her to make the interior of my printed books look beautiful. She is prompt, professional and has always kept to her promised completion dates. If you are serious about your career, let the team at CookieLynn help you!”